Fortunately there is heating at home,Luo Yi didn’t feel cold。She took off her coat,So he helped Xia Jian start cleaning the house。
Two people talking,unknowingly,An open and bright home appeared in front of them again。Luo sees that the hygiene is cleaned up,So he clamored to take a bath。Xia Jian packed her necessary supplies,And led Luo Yi to the bathroom of his room。
then,Xia Jian went back to the kitchen,Found that the refrigerator was empty。Xia Jian suddenly felt a little funny。There is no one in this family anymore,The refrigerator is naturally empty。
He stood in the kitchen thinking for a while,So I called Xiao Xiao。Anyway,The owner here is Xiao Xiao。If she comes back coldly,I don’t know what her mood will be。Xia Jian told Luo Yi’s purpose in advance,Just want her to know,Xia Jian came back with his girlfriend。
Xiao Xiao was naturally surprised when he received the call。When she heard that Xia Jian and Luo Yi were at Beishan’s home,Naturally couldn’t help asking:“I haven’t lived in the family for a long time,Should be dirty,Why don’t you tell me in advance,I’m so clean”
“Who is called?I have cleaned it。I just opened the refrigerator,I realized that the refrigerator is cleaner than my face”Xia Jian said this,Can’t help but laugh。
Xiao Xiao on the phone was taken aback and said:“Something will be there soon,But i don’t know how your craft is?”
“Home-cooked meals can still be made,Don’t forget,I cooked and ate by myself when I was in high school”This is Xia Jianhui’s only capital for cooking。
Xiao Xiao on the phone smiled and said:“Well!I will buy things back now,It depends on your craftsmanship in a while”Xiao Xiao hung up after speaking。
The cowhide can be blown up this time。When he was in school,Will make a noodle。I made it for myself anyway,Good or not。But now it’s different,He wants to feed these two women,Xia Jian still feels a little unsure。
Half an hour later,Xiao Xiao really came back。She just stepped into the door with her front foot,So he called Xia Jian to move things in the car。To know,Xiao Xiao’s clothes come to reach out,The Lord who opens his mouth。Today she can buy something,Already valuable。
Xia Jian ran to the gate,Opened the trunk of a black BMW,Raised several big bags from inside。What chicken, duck and fish have all,There are also a few fresh vegetables。
When Xia Jian put all these things into the yard,He found Xiao Xiaozheng and Luo Yi who had just come out of the bathroom were chatting。Luo Yi not only has wet hair,What’s worse is that she is still wearing pajamas。