When Bai Lu was in a daze,Bai Lu’s mother has prepared the food,And called Bai Lu“Ready to eat!”
The smile on Bai Lu’s face is even brighter,Bright future turned out to mean farewell,The warmest in the world,Still from mom“dinner’s ready”!
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifteen White horse
According to the theory left by the old man in China,After new year’s eve,Only after the first month is the true end of the new year。
But the pressure of life in ancient times is far less than modern,After new year’s eve,Generally those who can rest until the 15th of the first month,Are considered long vacations。
The busy city has returned to its original state,Everyone in the city has started a new busy life。
Xiang Chen at this moment is no exception,Sitting on a white horse,Walked slowly towards the Korean unit。
Behind him,And everyone in the inn who is not afraid of things。
According to these people,The boss pursues his sister-in-law,That’s something that everyone should be dispatched,at this time,Except for the aunt at the inn,Everyone else should serve as their peers!Even Yuan Qing was forced by Yao Yao and Mo Mo to make up the number,Beautiful name“Boss begs,It’s not nice to have fewer people!”
Yuan Qing didn’t want to come at first,But after seeing Xiang Chen riding a white horse,Yuan Qing suddenly discovered,The job is quite comfortable,At least when Xiang Chen was almost stamped by Horseshoe,Yuan Qing feels that all the hard work she has today is worth everything。
Xiang Chen looked back at the brothers behind him,I feel like I’ve been tricked,But their eyes are all for your good,Make Xiang Chen want to get angry,I can’t find the fuse that can ignite emotions。
After successfully visiting Han Zhili on New Year’s Day,Everyone in the inn launched a plan for a major event in Xiang Chen’s retirement life。
Especially after Xiang Yang found out that the red envelope that Han Yuxiang gave to himself actually contained a hundred bills,I strongly agree with Xiang Chen to seize the time to confess to Han Yuxiang,Don’t delay time too long,So as not to be caught up in front of my generous mom,After all, judging from the information provided by Han Genji,There is also a guy named Xing Tao in the police force who is reluctant to leave his mother Han。
Proposal for Xiangyang,Xiang Chen naturally doesn’t have too many opinions,After all, if you find your own wife,,Isn’t it just being better to Xiangyang?,A woman who can be accepted by her!
My daughter likes,Basically, you can lay the foundation for the life-long event of a single father,Plus the other party is a beauty,Also like myself,That’s really even more powerful。
Under the strong suggestion of everyone, Xiang Chen,Partially agreed to confess this matter,After all, I need more advice for the rest of my life,Give a qualified answer sheet,In Xiang Chen’s opinion, it should be divided。
So Xiang Chen team started brainstorming again,How can I make a perfect confession,Although there is no way to capture the heart of Han Yuxiang,But the cutscene situation should be perfect。