“Oily tongue,I don’t believe it.!”
Dream,Suddenly discovered,Raise your hand in Liao Wenjie’s face:“it’s wired,Are I miss you too?,How do you feel that you have become handsome??”
“The latest cultivation,Feedback,The value is also equipped with it.。”
“real or fake,This benefit is also practiced?”
“Truly,Do not believe let you practice the spell of my latest learns。”
“I don’t want it.!”
“try it,Very fun。”
Liao Wenjie waved a group of cinnabar,Shuishi,Flying down in your palm‘Order’Two words,Smile, a shot of Dream。
Chapter 388 Winery
Neon,Tokyo,Come home。
Because I found a father, Mika, who was missing for many years.·Hayenz,Established the cat’s eye cafe opposite the police station lost its strategic meaning,Daily business hours become followed,The three sisters who come to the family will pass the door.,A few days of closing is a common thing。
Thanks to the love of the cat’s café,Don’t bear to make it waste,Three sisters are considering the possibility of renting it out。
Who is rent?,Is a question worth discussing。
These and Liao Wenjie did nothing,He is tossing with tears in the bedroom,More than an hour,The latter did not stop the meaning。
Do not misunderstand,Just change clothes,That always has a repeated discourse,And long tired borus,I have already passed last night.。
“Tear sister,The first black suit is very good.,No need to choose。”
Liao Wenjie speechless to tears for enthusiasm,Know that she has a shopping and dressing,But this is too exaggerated.,Continuous 20 sets of suit,Set of handmade,There are also three carts without unpacking.。
can only say,She is beautiful, she is beautiful.!
“That set of low-key,I want to dress you handsome.。”
Come and tears to check before the cart,Pick up,Turning out a set of striped suit,Because temperament is too mature,I was discarded by her.。
“Sentence pure road proposal,From your point of view,Your boyfriend is already handsome.,You dress him more handsome,Will only promote a group of friable waves,Thus, the pressure of competition is increased.。”Liao Wenjie vomiting。
Hands to tears and pick clothes,It seems that this truth is true.,I want to show off my own man.,Forgot the outside of the Po, one more than one。
Sincerely,Home man is very specialized,Will not come outside,He is not chaotic,Does not mean those women will not be chaotic。
Original,She is a mess。
Think of this,Come and tear the boxing and cough,Hide the embarrassment,Turn the first black suit,Let Liao Wenjie quickly changed。
Replace,Come and tears, the arm standing in the mirror,Self-speaking:“Such a pair of people,I will get married tomorrow.,what a shame。”
Although the sound is a bit large,But after all, it’s self-speaking.,Liao Wenjie decided to respect the privacy of tears,Looking up to the ceiling,I didn’t hear it.。
Since recovering missing old fathers,Cat Eye Theft Group is disbanded,And will return the original articles of art,When you come to tears, you will have the same goal.。