“The strength of elite camp students,That is obvious to all,The lowest is school-level strength,Leo as the best student,How could it be just an ensign?”
They don’t know why Harder did this,But everyone thinks Harder is too much。
The combat effectiveness of elite camp students,No one in the navy doesn’t know。
Harder, this is hitting the entire elite camp in the face,In the future, there will never be any elite camp coming out of the generals.。
Because of Leo,Leo will become a reason for others to attack the elite camp。
Isn’t that Leo just a second lieutenant?,What’s so great。
Even the people in the elite camp will be ashamed of Leo。
“Leo,I lost my navy certificate,Are you going to betray the navy??”Harder yelled。
He had already nailed Leo on the pillar of shame,Don’t plan to continue,I didn’t expect Leo to directly lose the Navy certificate,This is illegal。
after all,Leo is just an ensign now。
“Lieutenant General Harder,Don’t worry!”Leo is no longer the atmosphere,Smile instead。
“Humph,As a lieutenant admiral, how can I ignore your disrespect for naval status?!”
Leo is not angry either,Just continue:“Lieutenant General Harder didn’t want to see my plan?”
“it is good,I will see what tricks you do,But wait if you can’t come up with a suitable reason,Don’t blame me for being polite,I can tolerate you,The navy’s military regulations can’t accommodate you!”