Xia Jian frowned,Asked softly:“What happened?It wasn’t Wu Wu who helped me last night,Are you feeling sick?!If so,Speak straight!What should i do,As long as you can tell,I just do”
“Xia Jian!You say so。Even my little brother Wu Wu knows that our relationship is extraordinary,He doesn’t ask me,Just bring someone to help you,Then am I not as good as him?”
Wang Youcai said,Ha ha smile。Wang Youcai is different now,There has been a big improvement in speaking。Make people feel,What he said,Still somewhat level。
Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youcai,Sighed and said:“You have something to say!”
“What is the hatred between you and Monkey Lu?He was hurt this time,I’m afraid this will not end。The key problem is that he recorded the hatred on me”
Wang Youcai smiled,Said the entanglement in his heart。He had already thought about it when he came,He can’t carry such a pot for Xia Jian。Even if you want to recite,He also wants Xia Jian to owe him the favor。
Xia Jian asked in a daze:“What does this have to do with you?”
“Hi!Don’t you know。Old Chinese doctor in my small clinic,Lu Monkey’s father”Wang Youcai just said half,Was interrupted by Xia Jian。
He asked in disbelief:“what did you say?It’s an old man with a good medical condition. He is Monkey Lu and his father?”
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“Yes indeed!When I contacted Doctor Lu,Monkey Lu hasn’t heard from him for a long time,I thought he died outside,Or it’s missing。If I knew he would come back,I said nothing would invite his dad to the clinic”
“Even so,What happened last night has nothing to do with you?”Xia Jian still doesn’t understand。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Lu Monkey knew Wu Wu before,Wu Wu brought you to help last night,He insisted that I sent Wuwu,The purpose is to drive him out of Pingdu,And wait for his father to die,Occupy his family’s property。You said that bastard,He can even think of something like this”