From small to large,Because of national policy,Zhu Zhengkang has not many competitors,It’s a smooth wind。
Uncle’s brother is entertaining,Hiding abroad all year round,Third Uncle’s is another sister,The task of carrying the flag of the third generation of the Zhu family,It naturally fell on Zhu Zhengkang’s shoulders。
Father Zhu Guoquan was in business,That son should be the same。
Took over Zhu’s business system very early,Zhu Zhengkang was also young。
It’s just that all this is beautiful,All changed with a simple trip to the magic city。
It was just a tacit business negotiation,Originally it was just a simple signing process…
Zhu Guoquan is at home,I look forward to good news from my son every day,As long as we have established a good cooperative relationship with the Magic Capital Li Family,After Wanghai except the girl from the Zheng family,No one can get to the right of Zhu Zhengkang。
But Zhu Guoquan never thought,The good news I have been hoping for day by day and night has not waited,What I waited for was one ear of my son。
Uprightxwj05.The Zhu family will naturally not bow to the kidnappers,It’s just a strategic plan for cooperation with the Li family,Also because of the delay of this kidnapping incident,Complete abortion。
Just a step late,I was caught by the little girl from the Zheng family,Then the Li family and Zhu family acted together,But the Zheng family still occupies one-third of the market。
Mall frustrated,The battlefield was not proud,After Zhu Zhengkang was brought back,Lock yourself in the room,When it appears again,The whole person is terribly thin,People have become a lot colder。
Everyone is glad that Zhu Zhengkang came out,Only Zhu Zhengkang knows,He himself is sinking deeper and deeper。
Big country,Small to family,A beautiful facade is what everyone needs。Otherwise why the country spends a lot of money every year to repair iconic buildings?
Although I locked myself in the room for many days,But Zhu Zhengkang’s news channel has always been。He knew that his eldest brother who had not seen him for many years was coming back from abroad,He knew that his eldest brother didn’t want to burden himself too much so he was always abroad,But he came back after all。
I thought it was my own since I was young,No longer owns overnight,This feeling makes Zhu Zhengkang very uncomfortable,He also understands the choices of his family,But he is not reconciled。