Things about distant alien civilizations,Chen Wenjin can’t know。
What he considers is after the end of the term,About Shanghui,Bring Chen Qian,Go to the playground together。
In memory, he and Hui only went to the playground once,because,It’s not easy to collect that expense,Sometimes because of friends around you,Priority to go to night clubs。
Chen Wenjin doesn’t need to worry about this expense now,Successive lottery tickets have won a set of two hundred,He bought a lot,Only the most recent issue,He didn’t win。
Because if you hit,You can get 200,000。
Chen Wenjin saw the winning result,It is estimated that the number change is not because of the 200,000 he bought,But it affects the total bonus。
‘The first and second prizes are now unsuccessful,When the first prize is not considered a huge sum of money in the future,Should be able to get it,Only then,I shouldn’t need to buy a lottery ticket。’Chen Wenjin thinks that he can earn hundreds of thousands in each issue now,It’s equivalent to a second prize,He didn’t bother to go back to before buying the lottery ticket。
Besides, he was not in a hurry and had to get how much money right away,At first it made him eager,It’s just to change the poor situation with only a dozen dollars in the pocket。
The poor can’t even eat rice noodles,Can’t afford to pay for the date,Can you not worry?
As for the final exam,Chen Wenjin was not in a hurry,To help Huihui take the exam better,He is equivalent to the second exam in a short time,Don’t worry。
So the state of his class,Of course worse than when I remember,I often want to be serious,The result is involuntary distraction,The moment before the exam,He didn’t want to delay Xu Zhixin,But did not expect,Xu is not nervous about exams。
Also,Xu reported to the same high school as him,And the science scores are awesome,No pressure to go to school。
Chen Wenjin remembers,He scored first in high school,Much higher than second,Many people are not sure that it is a good Pugo,He likes specialist。
Two unstressed people,Before the exam,Still chatting calmly,It’s still a topic of brainstorming。
Sitting in front of them is Ban Hua Lulu,It is also a grade flower。
Lulu suddenly turned around when class was over,Look at what Chen Wenjin and Xu wrote on the draft、Painted stuff,Can’t help but say:“It’s almost the exam?It’s better not to report!”