Erdogan urges Putin to intervene in Idlib
Original title: Erdogan urged Putin to intervene in Idlib again. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Russian president stopped the Syrian government’s offensive in northwestern Syria on the 21st.  Focusing on the situation in Syria’s Idlib province, which borders Turkey, French and German leaders attended the emergency meeting for two consecutive days to end military conflicts and conflict crises.  [Call by Appointment]Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Erdogan on the 21st, and Syria, Syria and Libya issues.  A statement issued by the Kremlin said that the recognized leaders agreed to “intensify Idlib’s move, ease tensions, guarantee a ceasefire and eliminate the threat of terrorism”.  Erdogan told Putin that the solution is the Sochi agreement reached by the two sides in September 2018.According to the agreement, the two sides decided to establish a demilitarized zone between the Syrian government forces and the opposition forces in Idlib province, and the Turkish side established a military observation point in the name of monitoring the ceasefire.  However, since December last year, Syrian government forces have launched a new round of military operations in Idlib and surrounding areas, reclaiming a large area of land from the armed forces of the opposition 杭州夜网 and surrounding some Turkish military observation points.Earlier this month, Turkish and Syrian armed forces broke out into rare clashes, killing people on both sides, and the Sochi agreement was almost a dead letter.  Russia supports Syrian government forces. Russia ‘s Air Force sends Su-24 fighters to attack militants in the degraded areas of the Idlib conflict, preventing large-scale attacks on Syrian government forces from Keminas to Nairab.According to the Russian side, the militants’ actions were supported by Turkish firepower, and the militants broke through the Syrian government’s defense line.The Russian side said that after the Russian side found that the Turkish side supported the artillery, the Turkish side stopped shelling.  Turkey and Syria were deadlocked.The Turkish side urged the Syrian army to retreat 杭州夜网 around the end of the month, otherwise the Turkish side would take military action; and Syria vowed to continue pursuing “terrorists” until it won “a complete victory.  A statement issued by the Turkish Presidential Palace said: “During the call, the President should properly stop the Syrian government in Idlib and force the crisis to stop.”Declaring that Putin told Erdogan that he was” seriously serious “of” attacks “by extremist armed men in the Idlib area.  [Tripartite call]German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Erdogan talked on the phone on the 21st to discuss issues such as Syrian territory.Regarding the situation in Idlib province, the leaders of the three countries expressed their displacement on the damage that the local people are experiencing, and expressed their replacement for the danger of the tension in the local area escalating.  During Macron ‘s participation in the EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, the “Fast As soon as possible” antique law on the Syria issue, the German, Russian, and Turkish leaders met.  The day before, Macron and Merkel talked with Erdogan and Putin on the phone, calling a four-day conference on Syria.The leader of the Russian presidential palace told media reporters on the 21st that “the possibility of an ancient summit is being discussed”, but no final decision has been made.  Syria’s Idlib province, bordering Turkey, is the last major area of internal control of opposition armed and extremist groups in Syria.Syrian government forces have been hoping to recapture this area.  The leaders of the 27 EU countries issued a statement on the 21st, mentioning “nominal”, and condemned the Syrian government forces to launch an offensive.  The Syrian war spread to Europe in 2015. Nearly one million refugees fled from Syria and flooded into Europe, triggering Europe’s largest refugee wave since World War II.European countries have serious differences on the refugee issue, and Turkey, as a transit country for Syrian refugees, has repeatedly pressured the EU to “defend”.  According to United Nations data, the number of fighting in Syria has increased by 900,000 since December 1, last year, more than half of them children.  Turkey currently holds about 3.6 million Syrian refugees and is unable to accept more refugees.Erdogan mentioned the establishment of a “safe area” around Idlib to provide shelter and other support for refugees.  He said some Turkish organizations have already built facilities there.”We will continue, we will discuss with Putin, and I hope we can make useful progress on this issue.”(Field) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature)