Financial report season reveals institutional fund holdings, social security emerges, 8 shares of top ten circulating shareholders
Source: Securities Times data, treasure earnings season, social security fund holdings trends exposed!At the end of the third quarter, the social security fund appeared in the top 天津夜网 ten tradable shareholders’ list of eight stocks, three new ones, and four holdings.  The third quarterly report has not yet entered the intensive disclosure period. Until today, only 36 companies appeared in the third quarterly report. The latest shareholder’s holdings exposed the organization’s position adjustment trend.Securities Times?Data Bao statistics show that the social security fund has recently appeared in the list of the top ten circulating shareholders of eight stocks, with a total shareholding of 1.2.4 billion shares, holding a total stock market value of 11 at the end of the period.5.6 billion yuan.The position adjustment trend shows that there are 3 new entries, 4 additional holdings, and the number of positions held by 1 stock remains unchanged.  Statistics show that the three stocks of the new position of the Social Security Fund are Ophelia, Oskorn, and Jiuhua Tourism. Among them, Ophelia holds 3571.720,000 shares, the other two holding less than one million shares.Among the stocks that have increased their holdings, Willie has the largest share increase, holding 1806 in the third quarter.460,000 shares, an increase of 5 times over the previous quarter, Xinghui Entertainment Masukura margin also exceeded 50%.  Among the heavy stocks of social security funds, judging from the number of social security funds in the list of the top ten circulating shareholders, only Xinghui Entertainment has two social security funds appearing at the same time, namely the social security fund combination 108 and the social security fund combination 102, respectively.The listed companies are the fourth largest and sixth largest circulating shareholders with a total shareholding of 5,226.50,000 shares, accounting for 5 shares.71%.  From the perspective of shareholdings and shareholdings, Xinghui Entertainment is still the largest social security stock that has been exposed. The positions and shareholdings are maximized. The remaining shareholdings are Xingyuan Material, Lanxiao Technology, SanxingQuarterly social security fund holdings averaged more than 3%; Willy, Auscon Social Security Fund holdings exceeded 2%.In terms of the number of shares held, the Social Security Fund currently has only one Xinghui Entertainment holding over 50 million shares, followed by Ophelia, Willi, etc., with 3,571 shares respectively.720,000 shares, 1806.460,000 shares.  In terms of performance, among the stocks held by the Social Security Fund, there were 7 companies that reported net profit growth in the third quarter, and the highest increase was from Blue Technology, which achieved a net profit of 2 in the first three quarters.300 million, an annual increase of 164.59%, Xu Ji Electric, Xinghui Entertainment net profit increased by 71.45%, 59.58%.  The only Ophelia company whose net profit has gradually increased, the company achieved net profit in the first three quarters1.800 million US dollars, exceeding 80% of the decline, the decline in performance was mainly due to the company ‘s touch display module business profitability in the first half of the decline, increased index expenditures, etc. With the arrival of the consumer electronics industry season, the company continued to focus on optical and fingerprint module and other core business areasMaintaining rapid growth, the third quarter’s operating income reached a record high in a single quarter. Tianfeng Securities Research reported that the company’s single quarter performance in the third quarter hit a record high and its business returned to a normal track. The turning point showed that the fundamentals continued to improve.  In terms of market performance, the average growth rate of the social security fund’s heavy storage stocks in the past 10 months is 5.8%, outperforming the Shanghai Index.Differentiation occurred among individual stocks, and Xu Ji Electric gradually expanded the range by 16.08%, the best performance, Aoshikang, Xinghui Entertainment, Willie also harvested a 10% increase; the biggest decline was the star source material, gradually decreased by 10.58%.