Unexpectedly, Wang Degui’s eyes widened and roared:“Your laozi got water??Do you want to follow this bastard and be driven out of Xiping Village by people from Xiping Village??You don’t want to think,Xiping Village now is very different from before。Why is it different,It’s the leaders of these cadres!We have to admit this。So much dividends a year,Which village in our town has?”
“What your dad said,You dare to sing the opposite of this bastard,That offends the whole village。You must not follow him in this matter。Fortunately, I asked Chunni to bring you back,Otherwise, I really don’t know what will happen again”
Chen Yueqin said,A little helplessly shook his head。You really know the child as the mother。Chen Yueqin saw it was so late and Wang Youcai hadn’t come back yet,She thought of Chen Gui’s house。Because Wang Youcai was messing around in the village when he was young,Few people like him。The best player is Chen Gui,He can’t go to other people。
Wang Youcai saw that his father is no longer the same old one.,Ambition has been wiped out by time。But my father and my mother are right,He can’t be the public enemy of Xiping Village,Otherwise, he would really be miserable。I won’t even be able to return home from now on。
“Hurry back!Come back once after so long,I didn’t accompany Chunni well,Just know to run out。If I were Chunni,I don’t want to break your legs”
Chen Yueqin became more and more scolded,The voice also raised,It made Wang Youcai very faceless。
Almost escaped from the hall。When Wang Youcai opened the door of Westinghouse,,Found that there was no figure of Yao Chunni in the room。So he went to push the door of which room Yao Chunni slept in,Found the door was locked from inside。This made Wang Youcai immediately angry,Turned this woman back。
If it’s not for being heard by your parents,Otherwise, even if Wang Youcai smashes the door of this room, he will rush in。For women,When he is good,Better than anything。But once he gets angry,He is the master who can do everything。
Angrily went back to his room。Wang Youcai closed the doors and windows,Then lie down on the bed,I wanted to go to bed later。Unexpectedly under the influence of alcohol,He fell asleep as soon as he went to bed,He even forgot to close the room。
I slept until the next morning。Wang Youcai opened his eyes when he heard someone talking in the yard。I touched the watch on the bedside and took a look,My boy,It’s almost nine o’clock in the morning。He doesn’t even know how he sleeps。
Ate something after getting up,Wang Degui, who was playing with the children in the yard, suddenly glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Since you can’t refund your second sister-in-law’s money,Then you can call your second brother,Explain the situation。You guys want brothers,No gap。Moreover,You will have a lot of trouble in the future,Anyway, your second brother knows a lot of people,He can help you”
Wang Youcai glanced at his father and said:“Ok!How big is this,It made me say that when you saw it。I went back to the city,Give him a call if you find a chance。But the equipment in our hospital is coming soon,The second sister-in-law is going to come to our city in person”