“of course!”Babata talks a turn:“If you see humans with particularly high talents,You can go over and let me test it,I can also pass on some secrets from the line of our meteorite star。After all, in the future you will also need some people who can rest assured。”
Li Ming’s eyes lit up。
“Defensive Black God Set’、Mo Yun Teng,For attack‘Arc cutter’、Energy required for practiceMu Yujing’、Storage utensils‘Space ring’,And his most important training inheritance。”Babata says,“This is given to you when the star。”
“These are gone?”Li Ming looked at Babata。
“Gone,These are the things you can get at this stage!”Seeing Li Ming’s greedy eyes,Babata said badly。
“Haha!”Li Ming showed an awkward and polite smile。
“Have to say,Your teacher left you an account。。But I also said before,Even the first account has to be picked up by your star rating,After all, the star class has such an account,Really eye-catching。”
“When the strength is weak,Holding a bunch of treasures is looking for death。and so,The owner is‘Cosmos Galaxy Bank’Leave three accounts for you,They are to keep you starred、Cosmos level and domain master level can get it。Domain master,You are also the emperor of Fangtu,Can take away that huge wealth、A lot of treasures。”
“Actually there are a lot of these things!”Li Ming can hardly suppress his excitement at this moment,With these treasures,Go back and pull Hong and Thunder God into the line of Meteorite。The development of human beings on Earth will definitely be much faster than before。
“correct,Babata!”Li Ming asked suddenly,“The building where we are now,I feel very extraordinary,Did you build it?”
“You can guess!”Babata smiled:“I didn’t build it,This is your teacher’s spacecraft,Meteorite,In fact, this is the greatest wealth your teacher can give you。The last wealth of the account he gave you is actually equivalent to this meteorite star。However, the Meteorite was destroyed in a big battle.,Can’t move at all!”
“Broken!”Li Ming was a little disappointed:“I also want to drive the spacecraft to see other places in the universe。”
“You are looking for death!”Babata said badly:“The main structure of the Meteorite isF9Grade metal red mixed copper mother。。Forget it, you don’t understand,Just say so,A piece of red mixed copper mother,Price don’t talk about your earth,The entire solar system can’t be sold as a package!”
“amount。。。”Li Ming has enough surprise today,Even so, I was stunned at the price of this material。
“You have to be able to drive out,I guarantee that any realm master will want to chase you crazy。correct,I also have a fragment of the red mixed bronze female that was shot down during the battle.,Although it’s not a weapon of thought strength,But relying on the secret pattern and material on it,Maybe use it to attack more powerful than your Dun Tissot。”
”But you reminded me of flying out of the earth,There were forces in the universe,Left many so-called ancient civilization relics。Some you have been to,To the so-called9Ruins,It’s the territory of our meteorite star。There is also the fallen spacecraft,You go back to hold some power on earth,You can send someone to get some parts out,I should be able to make a small spaceship。Then you can fly into the universe。”
“After you can also enter the kingdom in the universe,You can open an account in the virtual universe,That is the most exciting place of human civilization,By the way, you can still buy the earth in your own name,Lest become a native planet and be targeted。“