Xia Jian saw this scene before him,I couldn’t help but hang my heart in my throat。If this is really a fight,The consequences are really unimaginable。Because of gang fights,It’s hard to say casualties。
“Captain Ding!If it’s here to make trouble,Just put it in,Call the police if you knock it over”Gu Yue said loudly。
Which security guard standing in the middle heard the boss say like this,He immediately shouted:“Listen up everyone,Let them in,Then hit it down,As long as it doesn’t kill,Just fine”Captain Ding really did what he said,He was the first to back down。
Which security guards listen to,Immediately let go,This is like a long snake formation,Now becomes a pocket array,Just waiting for you to drill inside。
Fatty is dumbfounded,After all, they are only seven or eight people,And don’t have possessions,He might not have thought,The security guards here are so powerful。
Xia Jian glanced at Gu Yue,Shouted the security captain:“Captain Ding!Which fat guy to put in,I want to talk to him”
“Fat guy come in!Our boss wants to ask you something”Captain Ding shouted loudly。The fat man hesitated for a while,Still bite the bullet and walked in。
He glanced at Xia Jian,A little timidly:“We are here to ask you for medical expenses,Not here to make trouble,Mr. Xu said the money,You pay,Because you beat me”
“Which CEO Xu?Sign up”Gu Yue asked loudly。
The fat man glanced at Gu Yue,Raised the voice:“President Xu Sanduo of Gaoying”
“cut!Turned out to be this old hooligan。It seems that you are really on the verge of”Gu Yue listened,Secretly told Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I really did it,But why did i beat them,I think you know best。But I don’t want to be troublesome,How much do you think the medical expenses are?”
The corner of the fat man’s mouth curled up and said:“A few people together,Mr. Xu said,At least two hundred thousand”
“Two hundred thousand?You Xu, don’t you want to get a ticket?!The one you brought you, hurry up and get out of me,I’ll kill you when you get out”Xia Jian is completely on fire now,This is simply*Naked robbery??I really use Lao Tzu as a money machine。
The fat man took a step back in shock and said:“If you don’t want to give money,Mr. Xu said we can,Let’s be at nine o’clock tonight,See you at the Dongjiao Goods Yard。This matter must be over anyway”