People in the court,Understand naturally,The imperial concubine for sister Zhu Xuehen,She has a very close relationship with Zhumen,Otherwise, it is impossible for Zhumen to gain a firm foothold in the position of Hanzumen in just a few years.。
“I wish the master,You look at Gu He is sincere,Or be it difficult to receive the door,It’s good to work for the outer court,Mainly because the chess god Fanruo disappeared,A pity indeed。”The princess asked。
Although Qi Zong is a small force。
But take refuge in Zhumen Outer Court……
This is really embarrassing!
The outer court of Zhumen,It’s nothing more than domestic slaves in some big clans。
Gu He, in order to preserve his Zonglin,I’m afraid I’m going all out,What dignity,What reputation,It doesn’t matter to them anymore……
Not to mention,Gu He had already figured it out in the scorching sun on the palace wall,Except Zhumen,No one force will help them!
Rather than being wiped out by Zhumen。
It’s better to take refuge,Outer court。
Zhumen’s philosophy,There is no saying that domestic slaves。
Zhu Minglang, the son of Zhumen, can do it for a slave brother,bristle。
If they wish Men willing to accept,It’s just a bad reputation,It’s definitely better than dying out!
“The imperial concubine said so,I can’t shirk。”Zhu Tianguan said helplessly。