I can’t sleep when I go back at night,I started thinking,Various investment matters!
Figured it out,The next day I let Brilliant Capital do research in this area!
If there is a good project,Just invest!
Three days later,Brilliant Capital invested in several network projects,Spent hundreds of millions of dollars。
Zhongcheng Technology is still rising,Continue five daily limit!
Weekend is here,Stock market suspension。
The police notified me,Can leave!
About Liu Zitong,Has been qualitative!
Because it involves a large number of criminal cases,And they are all vicious cases,Involved multiple murders!
The shooting is inevitable!
Now he is mainly digging for clues from him,Find more people hiding behind him!
This is the only value of his life!
This time to mess with me,The person who handles Liu Zitong,Everything happened!
And more people are involved!
Stone Group has been nationalized,Next auction,See who can gain control and ownership of Stone Group!