Luo nodded and said:“correct,I go with dad。Where is a project about to start, Let’s go and check”
Xia Jian:“Oh!”With a,Then turned and walked upstairs。Back to the room,Xia Jian sorted out his relatively simple luggage,And then took a shower。
Although he was lying on the bed,But he can’t resist fatigue,Fell asleep in a while。I woke up and found it was bright,He quickly got up。
Wait for everything to be ready,When going downstairs with luggage。Ali said with a bag in her hand:“This is breakfast,You eat in the car!I didn’t call you to get up because you were asleep”
“Ok,Then tell Luo Yi,I am leaving”Xia Jian took the bag from Ali,Turn around。
Ali chased up from behind and said:“Miss left at dawn,She asked me to take you to the airport。If you hate me,Then I won’t go”
“Hi!How could i despise you,I’m thinking of you so hard”Xia Jian smiled,Gently pulled Ali。Ali smiled,So he walked out of the room with Xia Jian。
Outside the gate,Where did Ali parked the car early,Fortunately, Xia Jian’s response was quick just now。Otherwise Ali would be really upset。
Ali is driving,Xia Jian was sitting on the edge and eating breakfast。Ali don’t look younger than Xia Jian and the others,But very careful。The plastic bag contains Xia Jian’s favorite Xiao Long Bao,There is also an egg,A pack of milk。
“You are so careful,I know what I like to eat”Xia Jian was eating delicious buns,Said to Ali while smiling。
Ali sighed and said:“In our business,Needless to say the others。Remember the tastes of everyone in the family,This is a very important thing”
“That’s also,But I find it very strange,Your relationship with Grandma Luo’s house seems unusual,Can you talk?”Xia Jianyi wanted to talk to Alido,Second, he is really curious。
Ali sighed and said:“My dad used to mix with Uncle Luo,But he has a lot of problems,Like gambling very much,It can be said to be a gambling debt。Grandpa and grandma were mad at him”
“Not long after my mother gave birth to me,My dad borrowed too much money from Luo Jun,Dare not go to work with him。Later, in a gambling, there was a fight with a group of loan sharks.。Unlucky result,Was beaten to death”