But there is money,Just give it to Qin Ya Ya,Her regret,Annoying and even think about the scene when Li Hui is chasing her.,It’s just like a sharp knife.。
Although everyone is surprised,But in high promotion, this is simply the type of blowing yourself to blow.。
“Hahaha kid,I haven’t played this time.,You can have 20 million in your bank card.?
Deceived no money can be cheated,But you can’t lie to me.,The real millions of bank cards can be like this。”
Said that Gao Hongyang also took out a black bank card,Topped topped five-claw gold dragon,Give people a luxury,High feeling。
Look at Liu Yan’s bank card,Ordinary arrival can no longer。
In the eyes of the eyes,This bank card is obviously not so much money.。
“Hey-hey,Is there any money?,Just like people,This person has no money, it is not to see the appearance.。”
“Beauty manager,You hurry to handle it.,Some people are still questioning here。”
Li Hui said that when this is the calm,But the self-confidence in the calm, Liu Yan felt that the other party actually,And still the kind of look。
“Good,Please enter your secret。”
Chapter 457
For Li Hui’s requirements,Liu Yan naturally wants to see if there is so much money in the other side.。
Li Hui Huo took the past and quickly put the password into it.。
When the balance is displayed, Liu Yan’s little mouth is also a big difference.。
A series of zero zero zero makes her unbelievable,She has never seen such a series of numbers.。
Liu Yan Zhang Da has a look of the mouth nature is also highly promoted in the eyes.。
I also made it up and look up.。
This look,The cold sweat on his forehead suddenly took out。
Although I don’t have to determine how much it is?,But the series of zero zero is let him know that there is a rich man.。
At this moment, he suddenly felt that his hand was a little trembling.,Even if you want to turn your head。
“Beauty,Can I determine if I can pay now??”
Liu Yan heard this,Immediately changed to a smile。
“handsome guy,OK,OK,And what is the handsome guys ask not to mention with me?,I will satisfy it.。”
Liu Yan said this,The words are also mixed with different charming,But that kind of charming is a very very professional feeling,Only let Li speak the wind feeling a different temptation。
High promotion is natural, I also heard the meaning of Liu Yan talk.,After all, he is the old man in this area.,There are several layers of the other party’s words. He can also touch it clear.。
“No time,It is necessary to give me the real estate documents to Xia Ya Jie.。”
This time,Qin Su Ya has some excitement and very touched。
She wants to refuse,But clearly know that you are refused.,Li Hui is as long as it decides or gives her.。
Sun Yarn has never been a moment now.,Regret, why didn’t I accept Li Hui?。
If accepted,So now the 20 million villa is her.。
Liu Yan is also very envious of Qin Su Ya,She feels her hard for so many years.,Sleeping so many times,It’s better to accompany such a youth.,Looking at the state of the two, she even feels that Li Hui’s follow-up is very likely that I haven’t been together.。