“Cheap Master is stupid,Very good,Let him help look at the corpse of Xiaoyu,I hope that he will definitely not refuse。”
Emidoted the Temple of the Dynasty,A few steps behind,Discover that Liao Wenjie is still not moving in place,Sudden attention:“Jiege,Hurry,Do you kill the ant??”
“First and so on,I still have a question to consider it.……”
Liao Wenjie faces,Take a breathable,The heart is in the heart of the tiger Luohan grows ugly,After half, it will slowly get up.。
Here,Email the end of understanding,A sly spit on the ground,Cursing a unbelievan guy died soon as soon as possible。
Gu Qing Temple。
The law is in the bedroom sleeping in the bedroom,Inaccessible,Feel the two pairs of evil sight hidden dark,Unscrupulous!。
Fighting blinks,Run your hand to touch the Zen stick of the bed。
“Master,it’s me,All your apprentices are the most exciting。”
Come up the mouth of the law,Raise hands,Signature him not to talk,Small channel:“Continue last time,I am a dragon Luohan.,Everything about doing a few things,You are dull,What is the specific thing I know?,Then I do not talk about it。”
Law of the law,First nod,And then shake his head。
“This body is put in your house for a while.,She is a dead person,I want to go to the government to retrieve her soul.,In order to avoid you damage the body,I took the golden body of the back of the temple.,After I came back,Confirm that the body is correct and then returns the golden body.,is that OK?”
“Uh,fair enough,It seems that it is no problem.。”
Flash,Smudge:“no,Gold body can’t leave the National Qing Temple,What can’t afford to be a big disaster,You can’t do this。”
“Have more nonsense,Jiege you look at him,I am going to take the gold body.,Then we look at the house。”
Empty foot,A flashed out of bedding,Now he is the body of mortal,I want to get into the ground,Must have a golden body。
“Empty,calm down,Can not do it!”
The ruling tape climbed to the door,I don’t see it.,Standing and shooting dust,Calm sit back。
“Grandmaster,Good acting。”
Liao Wenjie thumbs up,He wants this active,Guaranteed a lot of girlfriends。
“The donor said,Poor I don’t understand what you are saying.。”
“If you don’t understand, don’t understand it.,I have a few questions.,Please ask the master to point one or two。”
Liao Wenjie laughed:“Yuan Bawei, the evil,Is the master, are you arranged??”
“Amitabha,Going out, don’t fight,Black Luosa is just a coincidence,He deceived the golden body under hell,It is to take the opportunity to retrieve himself in the Luqi Sailor under the Buddha statue of Guanyin Temple.,There is no relationship with the poor。”
“I do not believe!”
Liao Wenji mouth:“Master’s god,Nine days,Four seas,If you want to count, you are not fingered.,Black Luke can have you have a thigh hair?”
“Headmark,I am saying my hair.。”
Chapter 374 Hell three-head
“Jiege,I got it.,Already a part of the gold body,move!”
Emptite, the belt walks into the house,See the empty house lying in bed,A pair of halo appearance,Suddenly dissatisfied:“You are too heavy.,Although Master he stayed again and stupid,It’s a stupid monk that is not qualified.,But I shouted him a master.,You said that dizziness is dizzy.,Don’t give me a face。”
Liao Jie:“”
The long eyes have seen it.,There is no relationship with him.,Distinguish before ejection,Laying in the bed,Dizzy。
Besides,He can be responsible to the previous sentence,Empty episode,Single is today,I can’t wear small shoes in the future.。