These people walked to Xu Feifei’s face,Suddenly stopped,Passersby,Have avoided,Xu Feifei subconsciously leaned against Xia Jian,A little bird like a human。
Awl stared at Xia Jian,Said bitterly:“Kid,Get out,Don’t wait for Brother Snake to get angry, it’s too late,This woman looks good,Stay with us for a few drinks”
Xia Jian snorted inwardly,But still hold back,He pulled Xu Feifei’s hand and said:“Let’s go”
“go!Where to go?This land belongs to our snake,Go you go,This woman has to stay”A fat man with a shaved head stretched out his hand to grab Xu Feifei’s wrist as he spoke.。
Xia Jian at this time,Already raging,He pushed away the fat man’s hand,Said quietly:“Don’t make trouble,Be careful I call the police”
“Hahahaha!Snake brother,This kid said he wants to call the police。I’ll tell you where,The director of the Chengguan police station,But our buddy,Okay if you don’t report,Reported worse,Try if you don’t believe me”This guy may be drinking too much,Reveals his own old bottom。
Xia Jian ignored him,Take Xu Feifei and leave,The awl face is on fire,He shouted:“Give me the kid,Dare to play wild with me”
These people around him,Don’t look at the shaking just now,But let them hit someone,It’s like a person changed in an instant,Everyone is shaking,At first glance, they know that they are bullying habit。
Which fat guy rushed up first,Xia Jian whispered to Xu Feifei behind him:“You wear a skirt,No need to do it,Leave it to me!”Xu Feifei nodded obediently。
Talking late,When is it fast,Fatty is here in front of Xia Jian,He just raised a punch,Xia Jian moved her feet in her skirt,Kicked out diagonally,This kick just hit this guy’s knee,Just listen“Ouch”Bang,This guy knelt down with a fat body。
Since it has been shot,Will not show mercy,Otherwise, if you kill a snake, you will hurt yourself.,This is Xia Jian’s principle。Right punch and uppercut,Hit the fat man’s head,This guy crawled on the ground with a plop。
The others behind him saw that Xia Jian was so great,Everyone just yelled loudly,But no one dared to jump up。Awl face“Pooh”With a,Shouted:“Use guy,I don’t believe that his hands are harder than my knife”
The awl face shouted like this,Which guys are shrunken,Everyone had a switchblade in his hand instantly,Clamoring for Xia Jian。