“Our Jinling cuisine is also called Jingsu cuisine,Pay attention to knife,Good at firework,The raw materials are mostly aquatic products,Focus on freshness,Stew、stew、grilled、Simmering and many other cooking methods,Pay attention to the seven flavors,Sweet and salty。”Zhang Bo laughed and said。
Lu Menglin waved his hand,Smiled:“Haha!Knowledgeable!I just know a duck blood vermicelli soup,Look at it!”
“it is good,Then I’m welcome。Is there any taboo for the squad leader?”Zhang Bo asked Su Xuehen very intimately again。
Su Xuehen shook his head,Smiled:“will not。My mother occasionally cooks some Jinling dishes,I have liked it since I was young。”
Zhang Bo nodded,Pressed down the pager on the table,Ask the waiter to place an order。
Soon,I served a few pre-dinner desserts,Sure enough,Instant in the mouth,It’s not like food,It looks like a work of art。
“Menglin,Come to Jinling this time,I remembered one thing,I tell you listen,See if you are interested。”Zhang Bo smiled。
Lu Menglin smiled casually:“OK!You talk。”
“Is such that。President Liu from Jinling University mentioned it to me several times before,Hope to introduce you through me,I keep shitting,But since you came to Jinling this time,Can I meet up??”
“University President?What is he looking for?”Lu Menglin asked curiously。
Chapter six hundred and eighty four University campus
To know,Lu Menglin’s special identity,If it is a business cooperation,I will probably find Menglin Group directly,Just talk to Chen Tianjiao,This university president wanted to find Lu Menglin,This is a bit puzzling。
“Actually nothing,I guess I mainly want to talk to you about the employment channels of graduates。After all, Menglin Group is a leader in the game industry,Getting bigger and bigger,The influence is also increasing day by day,If Jinling University can sign a graduate employment agreement with Menglin Group,I believe it will greatly help the school’s reputation。”Zhang Bokan talks about it。
“So it’s such a thing!Actually want to find me?It seems that the principal’s brain circuit is very strange!”Lu Menglin laughed。
Zhang Bo continued:“It’s not just about discussing employment cooperation with the group,The main thing is,You have become the business idol of contemporary young people。Think about it!You are only as old as them,But already owns a big industry like Menglin Group,Business in many fields,It’s getting mixed up on Hong Kong Island again,Plus uncertain,Mysterious and low-key,But gossip news is flying all over the sky,Never stopped。”