They know,Mr. Song is going to be unlucky,But I didn’t expect to produce the emperor green!That is the legendary jade,I actually saw it today。
According to what Brother Hu said before,King Green,Just a small piece the size of a thumb,Make egg noodles,Must be millions。Then,This piece of royal green,How much does Hu have to make?
Next,Everyone concerned,Just how many emeralds can be solved。
“Brother Hu……”
Xin Zhao and Zuo Xingye almost coincided with each other,But not finished,Everyone knows what they want,The shark that smells blood!
Hu Yang immediately begged for mercy:“Two old brothers,Please let go。This jade,I plan to make jewelry,For my mom,Sorry,I am sorry!If you have a chance in the future,For you。”
Get!Everyone says so,Both of them witty did not continue to say anything。
They really convinced Hu Yang’s gambling ability,There is indeed a chance in the future,anyway,Also kidnap this guy to go to Myanmar。Xin Zhao and Zuo Xingye thought exactly the same。
The audience in the live room shouted awesome,The best treasures for the family,This is fine,For a time,Various praises in the live room“Sounded”。
This is actually hard to come by,Although Brother Hu is rich,But in this world,There are also people with more money than Brother Hu。They will leave the best things to their parents?Obviously not necessarily?It’s time to examine everyone’s filial piety。
Song Ying doesn’t think it’s a pity,Instead laugh secretly,Someone can’t stay here this time。
foreseeable,Next, Ge Tian is going to leave。Consecutive errors,Especially the last piece of emperor green jade,Completely let his father lose interest in this man。