“No one bullies that little thing,Just yesterday’s crisis,A friend took advantage of the body of a small thing。”
“Who is bold?Let that guy out!”The dragon uttered a terrifying roar,And turned his hatred towards Li Tan,They played against each other,The dragon has repeatedly suffered,Naturally first suspected Li Tan。
“not me,And I can’t afford that gentleman。”Li Tan smiled bitterly and shook his head。
“You can’t afford it?”The dragon was taken aback,But seeing Li Tan’s humble and helpless touch is not a disguise,Something is not the emperor?
“Put the little red dragon in advance,I came to visit Jinwu specially,To pay for the previous promise。”Juvenile interrupts the dragon,This is a straight-headed man,I will get confused,Doing business matters。
“Oh?Don’t fool me,You killed Lihuo?”This is the dragon looking seriously at the boy,Feel the breath of sky fire on his body,If it weren’t for killing Lihuo,How a boy got the sky fire?
“Also helpless。”
“Wow ha,So wonderful,You wait。”Dragon Rejoice,It will leave the hatred,But if you can go out,It will swallow that boy alive,But this boy didn’t look at him,Actually killed Lihuo,The dragon completely forgot to stand up for the little red dragon,A fierce boy plunged into the lake,Once again set off a huge wave。
Not long,The lake started toss again,The dragon jumped out to drink,“Jinwu Holy Palace invites the Young Master of the Five Elements Island。”
Jinwu invited the teenagers alone,Naturally there are private things,And the teenager is likely to turn on Optimus Pillar,Take the Holy Fire Foundation Stone,Li Tan is worried,But can’t show any unhappiness,I believe that young people will hold their own feet。
Suddenly thought of something,Li Tan hurriedly put down the burden,Roll out a yellow robe old man,Haggard face,Look sick,Trembling for a long time and can’t get up,This person is the seventh emperor?
“excuse me,Dan Shan Wang,Forgive Lee for being rude。”
“Li Tan,What do you intend to hold this king??”
“Borrow a few drops of blood for use。”Boy speaking,Looking at this old guy,It’s hard to imagine being the seventh son,There is a world of farewell between him and the sixteenth son,But not surprising,I am sick all year round and unable to practice divine power,Naturally it is impossible to keep your face old,Even if you don’t die, you are lucky to be born in the royal family,How can ordinary people survive such long years。