“not bad,I don’t know what the gods said in the column yesterday……I thought he would make a high-profile comeback……”Missing sauce is a little embarrassed,But more happy,The internship performance for more than half a year is to wait for such an opportunity。
“What’s the matter!It’s just shit!Didn’t the audience watch the show yesterday to see the gods,Is it related to the host??”Coconut is a little bit sad,This was originally her chance to host,But who has missed the chance to go on hot search with Tenjin because of dating!
“Miss sauce,Great!”Coconut patted Missing sauce on the shoulder,With the power of a cow。
Missing sauce is a pain,Haven’t reacted yet,I heard my colleague Wang Xiaoguang shout:“Miss sauce,Boss wants to see you!Go to his office!”
Missing sauce is strange,Not because of the interview yesterday, right??The boss rarely talks to her。
“Dong dong。”Missing sauce knocked on the door twice。
“Come in。”
Missing sauce opened the door of the column manager’s office,Saw a wall of honor,Mostly photos of the boss and celebrities,There are also e-sports players,The boss has a mustache,A greasy dress that has been in the media for many years,I don’t know if I really have these connections。
“Miss sauce,Good job yesterday!Because of your interview,The popularity immediately rose to the first place in the e-sports column group!Haha,You really fit this job best!Your name is Chen Nian, right?This is your regularization contract……”
“Thank you boss,Can’t do without your cultivation!”
“Look at the salary,If there is no problem, sign it!”
“amount,Why is this?”Chen Nian can’t hide the disappointment in his heart。
“Cough,There are rules in the group,This is the number of new employees,Can’t overtake coconut、Taozi and Mei, right??but,Considering your excellent performance this time,I can give you an extra month’s salary。”
“Thank you boss!”Chen Nian signed the name,Nothing else,Just because the work schedule is relatively flexible,Especially suitable for students,As a sophomore this year, she studied journalism at Jingnan Communication University,Become a host of the eSports section,Not for hobbies,It is purely because the e-sports industry has lower requirements for the professionalism of female hosts,If you look good, you can get a job offer。
“Miss sauce,I think it’s time to strike while the iron is hot……”The boss said。
“When did you say?”Chen Nian Dou。
“There will be an interview,You and Xiao Wang、Peach, let them go。”
“Interview about what?”