however,While Chu Tianxing was still happy here。
not far away,Come here alone。
“Say so,Should I feel very honored??”
When these words are finished,The others are all looking at this side。
at this time,Chu Tianxing frowned:“who are you?”
For this guy who suddenly appeared,Chu Tianxing’s heart,Obviously I can still feel an indescribable sense of threat。
Actually start now,Chu Tianxing’s heart,I don’t know what to say。
But here,In front of Chu Tianxing,Ye Xuan smiled。
“I am the person you are looking for,Ye Xuan。”
Ye Xuan finished,Chu Tianxing knows it completely。
but,Chu Tianxing for such a thing,In itself,In fact, it is very clear。
So when Chu Tianxing looked at Ye Xuan,Waved his hand,Very calm。