“Brother Xiao Fan,Things are like this,I was thinking about it,You still have to wait a while,Better for you,You can do better with your wife when you go back。”
I heard Shen Xiaoya’s words,Xiao Fan was also immediately confused,What do you mean,What do you mean by yourself, wait a little longer,I can go back and have a good deal with Lin Yoona。
Just when Xiao Fan didn’t know why,I saw Shen Xiaoya take out the phone,After pressing a series of numbers,I put the phone in my ear。
Just when Xiao Fan didn’t know who Shen Xiaoya was going to call,I noticed that the phone in Shen Xiaoya’s hand should be connected,Just listen to Shen Xiaoya after the call is connected,Just speak to the other end of the phone:“father……”
Xiao Fan knew it now,He is also at this time,Only then can I understand what Shen Xiaoya said to herself just now.。
Shipped,Shen Xiaoya wanted to be in front of Xiao Fan,Come beg my dad,By the way, let Xiao Fan live,Which means I can see my sincerity。
So for Song Haiyang’s matter,Get a perfect answer。
Xiao Fan noticed that after Shen Xiaoya had a hard time with the Shen family head over the phone,On the other end of the phone, it seems that she agreed to Shen Xiaoya’s request。
After getting a definite answer,Shen Xiaoya just hung up the phone happily。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Three Liu Family
And at the end, he said to Xiao Fan:“Brother Xiao Fan,All right,You can go now,The matter has been resolved。You can go back for business with peace of mind。”
“Xiaoya,thank you!”Xiao Fan said sincerely。
“Damn,Brother Xiao Fan,Why did you forget it again,Didn’t I say just now?,Don’t say thank you to me anymore。”Shen Xiaoya said this deliberately。
“OK,Know it!Then your father really agreed?”When Shen Xiaoya was on the phone today,He’s all on the spot,I also heard the whole conversation between Shen Xiaoya and her father,but,Xiao Fan didn’t know what it was for,I asked another question like this,I want to personally get a definite answer from Shen Xiaoya。