“Ok。”Qin Feng nodded slightly。
Four people leave the steak shop,When I was getting in the car and leaving,Only to find out that Jiang Yan’s car had been surrounded,Can’t get out。
now,A middle-aged man with a big belly walked towards Jiang Yan,Behind him was a dark-skinned foreigner。
The foreigner is tall,About one meter eight,Whole body muscles,Kong Wu Youli,Fierce gaze,It’s not easy to mess with at first sight。
“President Jiang,It’s really a narrow road!”The middle-aged man said with a smile。
“One wave is not flat, another wave rises,There’s more!”Jiang Yan feels a headache,Hold your head with your hands,Explained:“Xu Jinshan,I report you smuggling,It’s fine at most,But you actually use a logistics company to sell drugs,That’s what you deserve!Can’t blame others!”
He is Xu Jinshan,The big boss who was reported by Jiang Yan。
Qin Feng looked at Xu Jinshan playfully。
“Xu Jinshan,Now the police are looking for you everywhere,I advise you,Get out!”Su Rou stands in front of Jiang Yan,Strong way。
“Wait for me to kill this bitch,Will leave naturally!”Xu Jinshan smiled viciously:“See this one next to me?”
“He is the one who really crawled out of the dead,Kill without blinking,In order to invite him,I spent five million!”
“Jiang Yan,Can die in his hands,You’re worth it!”
Xu Jinshan winked at Jim,Mercenary。
“Hercules Jim,It’s him!”Su Rou came forward,“Sister Yan,You go first!”
“Who is Hercules Jim??”Wang Mengmeng was confused。