“Oh?Met very early?”The instructor came interested,Re-draw two cigarettes from the cigarette pack,Throw one to Li Tianzhu,Ignite one by yourself。
“Before i was born,Taoist Baiyun changed my name for me,At that time he was traveling in my hometown,At that time,My father thinks he needs to be a lucky man born in the disaster year,So I went to the nearby road to observe the word,The word Tianchou was changed by Baiyun。Taoist’s name is strange,Very similar to Liuyun Temple,Weiyunguan,It’s a pity that there are no Taoists in there anymore。
“When I was in the army,You know,He was demobilized after he missed his hand and injured his comrades.,Stayed at home for a year,Nothing fancy,But there is always a nightmare with me,That is a very strange battlefield,I’m on the scene every time I dream,All my comrades died,The scene is cruel,As if I am a part of it,I have this dream every once in a while,The plot and scene are exactly the same every time,Very torturous。
“Later go to work,I’ve never stopped this habit of having nightmares,At first I thought it was some kind of mental illness,But went to the hospital to check,Nothing wrong,Just ignore it,Later I met Uncle Geng,You know many things afterwards,Going back and forth from FukuyamaSZcity,Many things have changed,But this nightmare never stopped,Taking advantage of my leisure time, I was dragged by a little brother called the captain to see his master,Said to be able to pass the dream,So I went to Liuyun Temple,The master of the captain is Dao Yun。”
“Did Dao Master solve this nightmare for you??”
“No。”Li Tianzhen shook his head,Think before and after,He still concealed the weird things that dreams would constantly change and renovate,Just like a TV series, there will be follow-up plots,Until it was caught by a secret agency as a guinea pig,The dream is interrupted,But the companion soul was also annihilated,This is an unforgettable pain point in his heart,I won’t tell anyone for now。
The second real name in the dream is Zhang Zhiqiang,Is also the old friend right now,This funny coincidence,The instructor knows,And he believes in the old case 20 years ago,The instructor must know a lot more than he does,But the instructor will never know that the scenes on the battlefield at that time have been repeated in his nightmare.,Comrades around,He already knows at least four names,Unfortunately, with the interruption of the nightmare,I can no longer understand the rest。
“Digress。”Li Tianzhen took a deep breath,Continue,“Second time to Liuyunguan,I simply live in,Chat with Taoist Baiyun,Or look at the scriptures,Go out for a walk,One day walking with Baiyun,I met a big bird in the back mountain,The whole body is shining with colorful light,It stands on a linden tree,Flutter your wings,I don’t think anything,But the old man Baiyun is very nervous and excited,He said this bird is a heavy songbird,The bird of ancient legend。”
“and after?The god bird did nothing to you?”Instructor calmly,Like listening to a fairy tale,Still smiling。
“No,In less than half a minute,It flew away,A feather and a bodhi branch fell,The old man picked it up and said that these two things can turn bad things into good luck,Let me hold。”Li Tianzhen can’t make up here anymore,Did not lie about the unimportant part,All important parts are omitted,In the clouds,If you lie, you really have to bear a certain amount of pressure。
“This is the end?”The instructor still looks like I understand,But the disappointment cannot be concealed in the eyes,Li Tianzhen was keenly caught,I was greatly relieved from the bottom of my heart,Secret road bet right,The old man Baiyun didn’t reveal the secret of Ziyuan。
“do not have much left,Later, I practiced Taoist scriptures every day、Practice,It’s more than two years in a flash。”
“Ha ha,You are really a cultivator,Only two years,You are Master Xuanyun,It’s really not a person,It seems more promising than the field job。”The instructor sneered,Obviously won’t believe Li Tianzhen’s nonsense,But he didn’t get anything useful from Baiyun,After listening to the anecdote of Li Tianzhen in Liuyunguan for half a night,I’ve been dozing off several times,The old man is also a fine fox。
Li Tianzhen pretended not to understand,Ignore the cynicism of the instructor,Don’t be vague when the skin is thick,Forced to lie,He is not malicious,It’s just that he still can’t understand many things、Can’t see through。
The instructor stood up,He can’t sit still,Already disappointed,Also have mental irritability,‘Mane rat’Have not answered the call,I’m afraid it’s not good,He won’t call in front of Li Tianzhen,In addition,He originally wanted to talk to Li Tianzhen about the Zhang Family Ancestral Hall during his trip to the West Mountain.,Make a hint for future actions,But now I have no thoughts。
“I want to meet Daoist Baiyun。”Looking at the back of the instructor leaving,Li Tianzhu yelled。