“All right,Let’s not consider other things for now,Tomorrow,Talk tomorrow。”
“But I was tossing for a while,It’s only five days now?”
Ye Xuan’s current health has become 56,rest for a day,Tomorrow will become fifty-five。
“Ugh,Idea to spend money,Getting stronger。”
See here,Ye Xuan whole person,Suddenly a bit boring。
But it looks like Ye Xuan,In that case,Then next,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle。
Since next,Already decided,How about then,I can only wait and see。
“Ok,Now that I have already decided,It’s not anxious!”
Look at these,at this time,Ye Xuan was very indifferent,Don’t forget to just say it here。
right now,Take a break,Body is the capital of career。
and so,After resting,Before we can proceed with future plans。
Thought of here,Ye Xuan’s heart,Even more eager to try。
Chapter 14 This is Mine
“Ugh,One day is missing so soon?”
Ye Xuan saw this,The whole person is suddenly boring。