Xiang Chen looked at Yuan Ye and asked。
Comrade Yuan Ye, a genuine urban manager, looked at Xiang Chen,I really don’t know what I should answer in this situation,I can only nodded in panic。
“You seem to be injured accidentally,Do you need me to call an ambulance for you?”
Xiang Chen looked at Yuan Ye,The tone when speaking is very kind。
Chapter 21 lonely
About the bustle,As long as one person stops,A group of people will gather to watch。And when the lively protagonist dispersed one after another,The crowd of onlookers disappeared as quickly as possible.。
After learning that Yuan Ye is a genuine urban management,Not only did Xiang Chen’s tone become more pleasant when he spoke,Even the smile on his face is naive。
I have confirmed again and again that Yuan Ye will not hold a grudge against himself,Then Xiang Chen gave up the idea of crushing a few bones of Yuan Ye。
Looking at Xiang Chen’s leaving back in horror,Yuan Ye who hasn’t been afraid of feeling for a long time,I found that my legs couldn’t help but began to tremble。
Remember Xiang Chen’s outline clearly,Those who know the current affairs will avenge the junjie and the gentleman for ten years is the truth that most Chinese men practice。
Things like street numbers are like snowflakes flying into the reeds in the old quarters,Occasionally,But when you want to look again,But hard to find。Fortunately, the old community also has its advantages,The enthusiasm of the residents here,Beyond all Xiang Chen’s imagination。
When Xiang Chen asked the aunt in the community with an advertisement for renting a house,The warm-hearted aunt almost sent Xiang Chen to his destination,Thanks again and again,Only then can Xiang Chen be separated from the warm-hearted aunt。
“mom,The scholarship from the school has arrived,It’s enough to pay for Dad’s hospitalization,Don’t work too hard in the future,I will make a lot of money!”
Back home in a hurry,Bai Lu said to her mother with some worry。
I am here today,But if one day I am not with my mother,,Bai Lu can’t imagine how the Yuan family brothers would embarrass her mother。
“Not in the way,While I can make some money,Also make you easier。”
Bai Lu’s mother owes Bai Lu’s hand,Yuan Ye took the opportunity to embarrass his daughter,Bai Lu’s mother didn’t know,It’s just that swallowing your breath has always been the way for most poor people to survive,Taking a step back is not necessarily broad,But Shinobu can definitely calm down for a while,After all, not every time someone comes out to make trouble,Transfer the contradiction elsewhere。