It looks like,It looks like Lord of the Flies is going to die,And just now this guy even made a ruthless talk,It can’t absorb much space energy from its body。
but,Lu Menglin still has some doubts,It’s because everything seems too normal,It’s a bit abnormal!
This horned Lord of the Flies can grow to this size,Grow into an undoubtedly super life,I don’t know how many nature’s survival of the fittest has been experienced,And it is also a highly intelligent species,There is no reason to give up so easily。
“Xiaozhi,can you hear?Scan it!I suspect it is tricky!”Lu Menglin tries to connect with Xiaozhi in the sea of knowledge。
The fly defense force field has disappeared,The sea of red mist and clouds over the valley was also blown away by the shock wave generated by the nuclear explosion.,Blocks of blue sky are exposed in the gap。
“understand!I try!Its life energy has greatly diminished,Should be about to die。It’s easy to scan。”Xiao Zhi’s slightly cheerful voice came in his mind。
Without the barrier of red mist,The communication between Lu Menglin and Xiaozhi has also become a lot easier,No need to consume extra mental energy。
“Scan is almost complete,Please pay attention to your ten o’clock direction,There is no life energy response at that location,Very strange phenomenon!”Xiaozhi replied。
Lu Menglin opened his eyes wide,Looking in the direction of the body of King Fly。
No life energy response,This is a weird thing in itself!Although the life energy of this horned fly lord has been weakening,It may burp later,But before that,There should be fading life energy in its body,And then suddenly there was an area without life energy,This is obviously trying to cover up,Deliberately trying to hide something。
After all, the size of this horned fly lord is too big,No one can be sure that it will do little movements in the body,And the biological gene bomb made by human high-tech,It seems to be useful,Hurt it a lot,But can you really kill it,Really an unknown,Not to be blindly optimistic。
Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Thump thump!Stride directly onto the remnant of the Horned Fly Lord,He has a body of ghosts and gods who are not bad,Not afraid of the effects of nuclear radiation,In a few clicks, I came to the strange area that Xiaozhi pointed to。
The touch from under my feet is really different from when I came up just now,The body of the horn fly here is obviously harder,Unlike other locations, it’s collapsed,Walking on it is like stepping on shit。
“Does it still have a clear consciousness??”Lu Menglin asked Xiaozhi in his mind。